Our Mission is to serve the St. Louis Community a unique Southern Style-Georgia BBQ.

Taste the Difference.

Our Mission is to serve the St. Louis Community a unique Southern Style-Georgia BBQ. Little things matter to us throughout our cooking process; which in turn, gives the consumer a competition-like quality that can be enjoyed everyday. We are unique in the restaurant and food arena because we employ innovative equipment in producing traditional recipes. In addition to valuing our consumers and product, we also value our employees. They are a special breed of BBQ Specialists and work as a loyal team. It gives us great satisfaction to know that our business will flourish incorporating quality and integrity to the consumers we serve.

Here at Honey Pit, we know that the little things matter. Located minutes away from downtown Kirkwood at the intersection on Big Bend and South Kirkwood Rd. We work day and night to bring you the highest quality “Competition Style Barbecue” to your table. Our State of the Art Water Smokers (used by eight-time, world BBQ Champion Myron Mixon) allow us to cook hot and fast- simultaneously smoking and tenderizing, while infusing our meat with moisture and flavor. A mixture of Pecan, Oak, and Hickory give our product the signature Sweet, Smoky, Southern Flavor that makes us unique.

Stop in for lunch or dinner to try our signature pork, brisket, and ribs: smoked and rubbed to seasoned perfection. Experience high quality pork, each cut hand injected to ensure tenderness in every bite. Savor carved-to-order brisket alone or atop our signature brisket cheese steak sandwich, or devour our Peach Pineapple Glazed Ribs then chase it down with one of our original mouth watering sides such as Honey Pit exclusive Provel Mac & Cheese or Sweet Peach Baked Beans. Don’t leave without one of our homemade shakes!

Taste the Difference.

"Competition Style” Barbecue to your table.

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